Session 6

8:30 - 10:05 July 2

8:30-8:55 Jean-Luc Wolfender: From metabolomics to targeted isolation of key biomarkers - new trends in natural product research

8:55-9:20 Danilo Corradini: Influence of liquid phase composition on RP-HPLC and CZE of plant secondary metabolites

9:20-9:35 Arye Tishbee: Use of Second Generation traveling wave ion mobility (TWIM), combined with UHPLC-qTOF-MS and USFC-qTOF-MS, to achieve a more comprehensive analysis of the Plant Metabolome

9:35-9:50 Adela Pintea: Xanthophylls esters in fruits – analysis and stability

9:50-10:05 Jelena Trifković: Multivariate image analysis and pattern recognition methods in planar chromatography

Grand Hotel Union